Breaking the Stress Cycle

You're tired.

Something stressful happens.

You get sick.

It takes FOREVER to get better.

You start drinking more coffee/tea/energy drinks just to function.

Now you can't sleep.


Sound familiar? I know this cycle all too well. Years of being a student (thanks 9 years of post-secondary education!) taught me a lot about what I call, "the stress cycle". You can be stuck at any point in this cycle, but most people seek help when they're so tired all the time that they just can't get through their day-to-day any longer. That's where I come in.

Break the stress cycle

You might think, well, there's nothing I can do about the stress in my life, it's always going to be there. You might be right. You might be wrong. Together, we'll look at things and see IF there's anything that we COULD change that might make you feel better in your life/work/relationship/family etc. If we make changes, great, if not, have no fear! 

We CAN change the impact that stress is having on your body. We do this by using herbs and nutrients that alter the hormonal balance in the body. Your stress hormone, cortisol, can be low at times in the day when it's supposed to be high (leading to fatigue) and it can be high at times when it's supposed to be low (causing sleep disruption). We can test this using various laboratory values including blood or saliva cortisol levels. 

Once we know what's going on with your hormones, either by testing or inference based on symptoms, I can give you a targeted treatment approach to help you recover and feel MORE LIKE YOU.

Sounds pretty good, right? If you want to get on track, rebalance your hormones, sleep well and FEEL BETTER, visit me at Green Apple Health Care in Edmonton today!