Sick of being sick.

Have you had a cold since November? SEPTEMBER? Woah. Your immune system needs help!

If you've been sick for weeks or months and you're just not getting better, or if you find you get sick anytime you hear someone sneeze, there's something not quite right.


Stress can have an impact on the immune system. January's over, and most people find the Christmas season to be a little (or a lot) stressful. While we can't always decrease or change the amount of stress you experience in your life, we can improve the body's ability to cope with stress. By working on your body's stress response, we can in turn, boost your immune system.


Your new year's resolution might be impacting more than just your waistline. If you've recently increased your training or exercise regimen, you could also be impacting your immune system. Your body needs protein to make antibodies. Antibodies are the building blocks of your immune system. If you've increased your activity, but haven't increased the protein in your diet, you could be suffering from tough to beat colds and flus simply because you need more protein in your diet. I recommend a shake after exercise to keep your levels up. 


Did you know that antibiotics don't kill viruses? Antibiotics kill bacteria. If you've been given antibiotics for a simple cold and it didn't go away, it's because the cause of the cold is a virus, not bacteria. I use antiviral herbs and nutritional supplementation to help crush infections naturally. 


If you've worked on your stress response and you're confident that your nutrition is dialled in, you might need some additional support to get your immune system up and running. I'll go through your whole health history and find out what is CAUSING your illness and work with you to treat the cause, not just the symptoms.

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