Move It: Treadmill Training


That’s the first word my body screams when I think about treadmill training. Since it’s minus 30 in Toronto right now, 2 of my 3 runs this week have been on the treadmill (and the last one is TBD).

I imagine there’s a few more of you spinning your wheels right now, so here’s my favourite interval workout to keep you entertained:

5 minute warm up (no, this isn’t your slow jog… pop over to Jessie Mundell’s blog to learn about a good warm up).

2min sprint/2min recover

4min speed/2min recover

6min speed/2min recover

6min speed/2min recover

4min speed/2min recover

2min speed/2min recover, light jog and stretch to cool down.

Workout time: 36mins (with warmup and cool down, should take you about 45-60mins)

Don’t forget to set your treadmill at a slight incline, as most are calibrated to simulate a slight downhill.
Follow your workout with a good protein source to boost your recovery.

Do you have a favourite treadmill workout? Tell me about it in the comments below.