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I’m Dr. Briana Botsford, a naturopathic doctor in Edmonton who is passionate about women’s health and performance medicine. 

Finding the root cause of health issues is important to me. When we address the root cause, we allow the body to heal itself. My job is to give the body the building blocks that it needs to heal itself so that lasting health occurs. Your body wants to be healthy and it knows what to do, we have to create the conditions that support your performance and wellness so that you can be your best.

Who do I work with?

 I work with all individuals looking to make small changes to achieve big improvements in their physical and mental health. I’m trained in a variety of advanced procedures that address all types of health conditions including emergency medical procedures, Intravenous therapy, ozone therapy, and prolotherapy

As a naturopathic doctor in Edmonton, I’ve successfully treated patients who experience anxiety and/or depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, insomnia or post-concussion syndrome. I help individuals return to work, school and their social groups after severe depression, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder. I’ve seen naturopathic medicine help people feel rested and restored after experiencing long periods of insomnia. By removing brain fog, fatigue and improving energy after concussion or motor vehicle accident has allowed many of my patients to feel well enough to return to work after several months off.

What are my areas of expertise?

 As an Ironman Triathlete, I know first hand what is required to attain an optimal level of performance and how to properly heal from fitness related injuries. I love to work with athletes of all abilities and sport preferences, ranging from the weekend warrior to the elite athlete. I’ve worked with athletes to tweak their nutrition or routine to feel stronger, run faster, lose or gain weight and perform better. I regularly help runners return to marathons after stress fractures and have helped cyclists and swimmers return to their sport after shoulder dislocation or collarbone injury. 

Another passion of mine is women’s health. I believe that our hormones are a great source of power when they support us well. Hormonal symptoms like menstrual cramping, headaches, hot flashes and mood-swings should not disrupt your life. Many female athletes suffer from hormone-based issues that disrupt their performance. My job is to help you sort those out so that you can perform at your best.

Fertility, preconception, pregnancy and postpartum care are other areas I can assist with. I work to find the root cause of ‘unexplained’ infertility and/or recurrent pregnancy loss (miscarriage). Preconception work involves optimizing your health before baby. Postpartum care ensures you’re feeling your best after your little one arrives!

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How do we start?

In your first visit, we will spend an hour reviewing your health history. Through a thorough history examination and taking any necessary blood work, I’ll work to find the root cause of your symptoms and build a treatment plan around that. 

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