Healthy Before Baby - Optimizing your health preconception

Making sure you're in tip-top shape before you start trying to conceive can impact your fertility and the health of your pregnancy. I focus on eliminating period problems and ensuring the menstrual cycle is regular. We'll also look at your nutrition and making sure you're getting all the building blocks you need to be healthy. Ensuring any health concerns you have are well-managed is also important before you conceive.



Meet Dr. Briana Botsford

Dr. Briana Botsford is a Naturopathic Doctor based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada who focuses on women’s health and athletic performance medicine. She works diligently at finding the root cause of a patient's symptoms through an extensive health history analysis before proceeding with any therapy or recommendations. Dr. Botsford works closely with all individuals to help them make small changes in their routine to achieve big improvements in their physical and mental health. 

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