How can I help YOU?

The goal of medicine is to uncover the root cause of symptoms and disease. WHY are you having the issues that you're having? What is CAUSING your discomfort or pain? How can we work together to remove the cause of your health issues and get you feeling BETTER?

I am excited to work with all individuals looking to make small changes to achieve big improvements in their physical and mental health. I excel in the following areas of treatment:

Do you have diabetes, hypertension or high cholesterol? I can help you reduce your need for medication, improve your cardiovascular disease risk and stay healthy for many years to come. 

Feeling bloated, tired or gassy? Got heartburn or are you carrying around a couple extra pounds? I am an expert in digestive health and have helped many people resolve chronic issues with their digestion including heartburn, IBS, constipation and more. I have helped many people lose over 20lbs of extra body fat through unique approaches to metabolic, digestive and hormonal health. 

Got PMS? Excited to start a family? Looking to get off the Birth Control Pill? Together will will optimize your hormones, prepare for pregnancy and boost your mood. You'll feel more energetic, have less mood swings and be ready for babies (if that's your goal).

Suffering from anxiety, depression or low mood? We'll address the root of the issue, improve your nutrition and brain function, and have you feeling more like yourself again.

Feeling brain fog, trouble with memory or have a loved one with dementia? By improving nutrition and brain health we can reduce these symptoms and improve day-to-day functioning of older adults. 

Curious about smoking or alcohol cessation, detoxification or boosting your general well-being? No problem. I can help you take small steps toward achieving your goals and become your best self!

Got joint/back/knee/head pain? We can work together to resolve inflammation within your body and improve your mobility and your ability to perform your day to day activities.

Sports performance issue? Chronic injury? New Goal? Triathletes, runners, polo players, tennis players, swimmers and many other types of athletes have achieved their goals through my personal training and yoga teaching. I’m looking forward to enhancing and optimizing function in all athletes from the weekend warrior to the elite.

I’m excited to work with any patient who can commit to making manageable, step-wise changes to reach transformation and excellence in all areas of health and life! I am fully certified in IV Vitamin Therapy, Ozone administration, pap smears, acupuncture, herbal medicine and nutritional supplementation and education.

Visit me at the Green Apple Health Care in Edmonton and we’ll start working on your health journey together!