The goal of natural medicine is to uncover the root cause of any symptom and disease. Why you’re experiencing symptoms and what is causing your discomfort or pain will be two main questions Dr. Botsford will answer. Dr. Botsford is a hormone expert that can guide you through hormone replacement therapy, related to menopause, fertility hormone imbalances. Here are some common conditions Dr. Botsford can help you with. 

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+ Got PMS? Painful, heavy, or irregular periods?

Dr. Botsford is a hormone expert and works to sort out hormone imbalances and remind your body how it’s chemistry is meant to be balanced, so you can feel your best.

+ Fertility difficulties?

Exciting to start a family? Looking to get off the Birth Control Pill? Dr. Botsford will optimize your hormones, help you prepare for pregnancy and boost your mood. You'll feel more energetic, have a consistent mood and be ready for babies.

Ironman triathlete, Crossfitter or gym enthusiast suffering with health concerns? Your health should never drag down your performance. Dr. Botsford will help you tweak your nutrition and recovery, and figure out what’s causing your health issue so that you can continue training.

+ Feeling bloated, tired or gassy? Got heartburn or constipation?

Dr. Botsford is an expert in digestive health and can help individuals resolve chronic issues with their digestion, including heartburn, IBS, constipation and more.

+ Experiencing anxiety, depression or low mood?

We'll address the root of the issue, improve your nutrition and brain function, and have you feeling more like yourself again.

+ Feeling brain fog, trouble with memory or have a loved one with dementia?

By improving nutrition and brain health, Dr. Botsford can help reduce these symptoms and improve day-to-day functioning.

+ Experiencing joint/back/knee/head pain?

Dr. Botsford can work with you to resolve inflammation within your body and improve your mobility and your ability to perform your day-to-day activities. She can also use injection therapies like prolotherapy to help stimulate repair in the joint.



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Dr. Briana Botsford, Naturopathic Doctor Edmonton