Food baby? Use these tips when you overindulge.

We've all been there, whether it's Thanksgiving, Christmas, Stampede, Kdays or Taste of Edmonton, sometimes the food choices are overwhelmingly delicious, but they can wreak havoc on the digestive system. If you're bloated, gassy or just plain uncomfortable have no fear, there is help outside of the pepto-bismol bottle! There's nothing wrong with enjoying seasonal foods in moderation, go ahead, enjoy that deep-fried mars bar if that's what floats your boat. If you've consumed a few too many sweets or salty-deep-fried treats, use these 5 tips for recovery.

1) Peppermint tea - If you you're feeling gassy or bloated this is THE best remedy. Brew 1 cup of strong peppermint tea, steep your tea covered (or keep the lid on if you're a Starbucks person) so that the essential oils stay in the liquid. Then drink it. You can enjoy your tea iced or hot, it'll still do the trick. Beware, if you're gassy, peppermint will help you, *ahem*, pass wind, so maybe go for a little walk alone to get all that smelly stuff out.

2) Got the poops? - If it's food poisoning or diarrhea that's got you down, pop a couple probiotics. Sacchromyces boulardii is the best type of probiotic for food poisoning and it'll help stop your diarrhea quickly.

3) Morning after - If your tummy troubles revolve more around a little too much moonshine, get yourself hydrated (that means drink WATER!) and check out my top hangover cures here.

4) Get moving - If you're feeling a little plugged up after weekend indulgences then you need to get your butt moving (in more ways than one). Even gentle exercise can help improve the regularity of your bowel, so head out for a morning walk or jog. Consider some gentle bowel encouragement, a tall glass of warm water with a squeeze of lemon first thing in the morning can help stimulate a bowel movement. If that doesn't work, try a cup of strong coffee, just try not to become dependent on your cup of joe. Magnesium, senna and milk thistle are also natural laxation tools that can be used if necessary.

5) Take it easy - If your symptoms last longer than a day or two, you might need to give your guts a break. Stick to easily digested foods like bananas, apples and toast and consider a protein shake or smoothies to get enough protein in an easily digested form.

If none of these tips help you out, then it's time for a visit. If you're chronically bloated, you may have a food sensitivity, stomach acid issue or other problem with your digestion. We need to figure out what's causing your digestive concerns and remove that cause. Let's work together to get your digestion back on a track and improve your health!