Race Essentials – Olympic Distance

This week I’m training light in anticipation of an upcoming training race. Two to three days out, I start preparing all my gear, ensuring everything is in top shape for race day.

Here’s my list of essential triathlon gear for race morning:


- Tri Suit or Tri shorts and top (Zoot shorts are my favourite)

- Flip flops or sandals (for wearing pre and post race)

- Watch

- Race belt

- Race number, bike stickers and/or wrist bands and/or timing chip

- Transition towel or mat

- Sunscreen, I typically make my own, or use a natural brand like this one

- Body Glide or Chamois Butter – apply it to the usual places and your neck/underarms to avoid wet-suit burn

- Bike pump

- Change of clothes for after you’re finished

- Warm up hoodie/track jacket

- 3-4 water bottles (depending on your nutrition strategy, see below)

- Garbage bag – for your wet, wetsuit post-race

– Wet suit

- Goggles

- Spare Cap – I usually wear two caps, one underneath my goggles and the race cap over top

- Ear plugs – I’m used to freezing cold Alberta Lakes, so earplugs help me stay warm

- Dish gloves – I love using these to help pull on my wetsuit, you wouldn’t believe what a difference it makes for gripping the fabric



- Sunglasses

- Bike shoes

- Bike socks – if you like

- Repair kit and spare tube – because you never know

- Arm warmers – temperature dependent

- Nutrition (see below)


- Running shoes

- Nutrition

- Hat/Visor


Your nutritional needs will be individualized and you’ll need to practice a system that works for you to train your body and mind to stay fueled during your race. My personal habits are as follows.

Pre Race:

- Breakfast – usually a protein shake or gluten free oats with protein and fruit

- Pre workout supplement including caffeine 20mins before race time


- 300 kcal/hr using Vitargo GenR8 carbohydrate supplement – contained in 2 water bottles

- 3 caps E-Load per hour for electrolyte replacement


- 1 small bottle Vitargo (about 250mL containing 100-200kcal)

- Water at each aid station

- 2 caps E-load at run 5km point

Post Race:

You’re finished! Be sure to fuel up with good whole foods. The food at the finish line may or may not be your friend. Have one of your support crew bring along a cooler of your favourite healthy snacks. You won’t necessarily want to eat, but trust me, you should. I usually have a protein Shake, fluids, whole foods, post workout supplement containing B-vitamins and magnesium supplement before bed to help with sore muscles.

Did I miss something? Tell me in the comments!